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Vita Invest

Vita Invest

For companies that want to participate in pension decisions

Vita Invest is suitable for companies with more than CHF 2 million in savings capital that wish to make their own pension decisions and for companies looking to dissolve their company pension foundation.

Vita InvestPlus opens up additional savings possibilities for management personnel as a supplement to mandatory pension provision.

With Vita Invest and Vita InvestPlus, you  make the decision yourself,  have transparency for the investment income and costs and thereby provide more clarity.


  • Flexible, individual structuring of your occupational pension plan
  • You determine your own investment strategy, funding, reserve policies, interest, pension plan and conversion rate
  • Separate balance sheet and coverage ratio for each membership
  • Solid, customer-focused partner

How Vita Invest and Vita InvestPlus work

Vita Invest gives companies great flexibility to make their own decisions regarding insured benefits, interest, investment strategy, conversion rate and funding.

Vita InvestPlus affords companies all of the basic advantages of Vita Invest plus a purely voluntary pension plan for managers.

Companies also get the benefit of advice from our experts on the complete spectrum of questions concerning pension plan structuring.

We prepare a separate balance sheet and operating statement for every pension plan to avoid any undesired commingling with other member pension plans.

Responsibilities and organization

In detail

Available investment strategies

Vita Invest and Vita InvestPlus give companies the freedom to determine their own investment strategy. They can choose from three predefined investment strategies. The Defensive, Balanced and Growth profiles were put together by Zurich Invest Ltd's investment experts. They differ mainly in the share of equities in the portfolio.
Our 'best-in-class' asset managers ensure optimal investment returns from a broadly diversified portfolio. All three investment strategies have been top-ranked in the KGAST comparison for their outstanding performance (2015 evaluation).

Insurable benefits

With Vita Invest, companies can make many decisions which are usually reserved for in-house pension funds. The administration committee (company representative) determines the insurance benefits, interest earned, conversion rate, reinsurance plan, and investment strategy. Because insurance benefits can be readily mixed and matched, Vita Invest is also the perfect choice for companies that want to dissolve an in-house pension fund. Existing pension plans can be transferred to Vita Invest without having to change any benefit commitments.

Businesses can use Vita InvestPlus to implement a purely voluntary pension plan for managers in supplement to Vita Invest.


Affiliated companies can track their pension planning costs in detail with separate balance sheets and income statements for their pension plan and CHF 240 per insured person, but no less than CHF 5,000 in total. This visibility into investment income and changes in liabilities provides a direct comparison of costs and benefits. Individual transaction costs are broken down in detail in the Administration cost regulations.

Further information about the Vita Invest Joint Foundation

Annual key figures, composition of the foundation board and information on other institution can be found here.


Industry comparison

Would you like to know how other companies in your sector are insured? We will show you which pension coverage competitors of a comparable size offer their employees using an industry sector comparison.

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