Occupational retirement provision for everyone with big plans.

Occupational retirement provision for everyone with big plans.



Pension provision: Technical terms explained simply

You can find a compact explanation of the most important terms concerning a pension provision here.
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Pension planning: Why it makes sense to save for retirement

AHV, pension fund, third pillar: The Swiss pension system is facing societal and financial challenges. In an environment of negative interest rates and redistribution between the generations, every second Swiss citizen worries about their retirement pension.

Online employee pension plan

for employers

  • Manage your employees' contracts and pension data
  • Plan your liquidity on a basis of a daily updated balance
  • Calculate comfortably the contribution for new employees online
  • Employers can announce the retirement of persons from age 58 onwards
  • A cost overview is provided for every contract incl. inquiry of the statement of costs / benefits


Pension planning solutions

Vita Classic

For companies that attach importance to earning attractive interest through their pension plan.

Vita Invest

For companies that want to participate in pension investment decisions.

Vita Select

For companies that wish to allow their senior staff to determine their investment strategy themselves

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